Wednesday, November 03, 2004

the green-eyed monster entered our chamber. she called him in, she, with her inocent smile and kind hands. i woke from a terrible nightmare one night and there he was: silent, unmoved, with emerald look.

i got up and fed the chimeney some logs, she sat up and asked what was wrong, nothing, i said and i tore her nightgown and kissed her thighs. she didn't hesitate and surrendered to my fire, but then, she extended her hand and called him, she also wanted him in our bed, he sat by her hand and licked it and i... i couldn't stop, the more furious i got the more i kissed her and the more she moaned the more he licked. ¡i felt like i was drowning, drowning between her thighs and her unquenchable thrist! ¡i had to emerge! so... i climbed out of her valley and moved up through her stomach, bit her nipples, caressed her neck and then i... i slit her throat while i kissed her and she exploited from pleasure and so did i and he... he howled all night.

from time to time, i still hear him at night and when i open my eyes they meet with those scary, silent, unmoved, green eyes.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Blogger ARCHULETA said...

Very it an excerpt from something longer. Got my mind going faster than red bull would have.

5:06 PM  
Blogger cheno said...


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